Condition Report

Giovanna Cecilia Scicolone , in collaboration with software house Servonet  in 2012 realized the platform,  an instrument that eases the management of data relating to features and conditions of different type of ancient, modern or contemporary mobile artwork, realized with different artistic technics and materials.

Different professional figures can draw it up and/or consult a condition report: restorers, registrars, public or private work of art collectors, directors of museums, public and private art galleries, historians and so on.
It has to contain data regarding material, creation processes and meaning of the work but it also has to provide administration data and technical support for whom, in different way, has to manage the conservation and the fruition, like historians of art, permanent and/or temporary exhibition organizers or functionaries of Supervision that direct the restoration intervention.


A lot of Condition Report are already present in the market; they regard most of all the materials and type of art work, realized in Italy and abroad, from museums, restorers, galleries, associations and groups that deal with research and restore. This proposal distinguishes itself not only because it defines a record, but also because allows the operative managing and the online recording of an effective "condition report", thanks to a flexible software that can be personalized according to your own requirements.


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