In 1987 she carried out and coordinated, at the school in Botticino, a  CNR research (working with Syremont and the Stazione Sperimentale Cellulosa (Cellulose Experimental Station) ) on the use of a new product for transparent stitches, the Purbinder (later called Akeogard AT 35 and AT 40).
In 1988, still with Stazione Sperimentale Cellulosa, she developed        (according to the UNI8282 rule) the correlation between the scale of conventional values obtainable through the viscosymetric analysis of the DP and the degree of deterioration of materials used for artistic purposes.
In 1989 she coordinated an ICOM group work on the “transparent stuccoes“ and she took part in the making of the first “hot-cold board”, presented by Luca Comolli at the 1990 International ICOM convention in Washington.
In 1992 she completed, still with the Stazione Sperimentale Cellulosa, the studies on the deterioration kinetics of cellulose.
Between 1992 and 2008 she has focused on the methodological setting of restoration projects, on the creation of new methods of intervention and on the study of synthetic materials for art and restoration.
In 2009 she set up a study with the University of Ferrara to produce a new polymer for the conservative restoration which is still underway.